The production facility extends to 4500 m2 in the industrial zone of Pican in Istria (Croatia), and employs many professionals and experts.

The company is in the context of the sector defense industry specializing in the production of arms and military equipment, primarily for the development and production of complex missile systems: multiple rocket launchers (VBR) RAK12 - 128mm and 107mm, light rocket launcher (LRL) 128mm and 107mm, mortars 60mm, 82mm and 120 mm, and semi-automatic grenade launcher RBG-6 40 mm for pedestrian use. Within our production we can offer you as well the measuring instrument Quadrant.

The company's capacits gradually exceeds to the program "anti-riot" that will support the strategy of smart specialization.

Many long-term clients are the best guarantee of our professionalism and quality of our products.